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The agency that creates beautiful meetings

YouandI revisits the traditional dating agency! You feel ready to invest yourself in a serious relationship, but wish to find love as naturally as possible? We guide you to take the first steps towards your future soul mate by helping you to meet singles who match you near your home.

you and i

Our approach is simple, we let nature do the work. This does not prevent us from helping her a little! We start from the principle that we all have a personal vision of love. The accompaniment of the singles is based on an initial in-depth interview and a permanent listening of our members. Only singles with a high level of affinity are put in contact. This way, we encourage meetings that can lead to a lasting love relationship.

YouandI helps you to:

Taking the first step


By joining our dating agency, you make a first commitment to yourself. You become mentally ready to meet new people. This awareness will help you to dare to take your destiny in hand and to take the first steps to find love.

Meet the right person

bonne personne

We meet all our members personally, which allows us to define a detailed profile of each of them. When we suggest that you contact a single person, it is because we are convinced that this person has all the qualities to please you.

Finding love naturally


Our job is to connect the right people. The consultants of our dating agency are at your side to listen to you and support you in your search for the ideal life partner. For the rest, it is up to you to make your love story evolve… naturally.

Meet singles who are right for you today

I want to become a member, is it expensive?

Our prices are affordable. We believe that finding love should be within everyone’s reach. That’s why our “Discovery Member” offer doesn’t cost more than a subscription on a dating site.

How many meetings will I have?

It depends on you. We are committed to getting at least one date per month for our Premium members. When several singles have a profile that matches yours, we inform you. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to meet several people or just one.

Our “Discovery” members get matchmaking offers when their profile matches that of another member.

YouandI’s vocation is not to offer you a maximum of encounters, but to allow you to make qualitative encounters up to the one that will lead to a serious love story.

How do I register?

To sign up, just contact me for a free, no-obligation initial meeting during which I will answer all your questions. Bastien will schedule your first free consultation with you. He will answer all your questions.

Where do your members come from?

The singles registered in our dating agency live in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or in the Greater Region. You and I has the particularity to be exclusively established in Luxembourg. This local imprint is one of the elements that bind us to our members and that allow us to offer them qualitative services in total coherence with the specificities of our country and our region.

What to do if I don’t like the single person I met?

Love is not an exact science! It is possible that you feel no or little affinity with a single person even if he or she corresponds to your criteria. If this happens to you, before setting up a second meeting, talk about it with our consultant. This will be an opportunity to review your criteria and to refine the profile of the person you are looking for.

What are the events for singles organized by YouandI?

Join the YouandI Club ! We organize every first Wednesday of the month at restaurant Maria Bonita friendly events with people who share your tastes and interests.

Our offers

We offer two membership options, in both cases the first appointment is completely free and without obligation!


Member formula.

Ideal for singles wishing to discover our service

Free 1st interview

Registration on our members list

Matching with compatible singles

Membership is free.

Premium customer.

Ideal for singles in active search

1st interview free of charge

6 month or 1 year support package

Preparation for the meeting

Minimum of 1 meeting per month guaranteed

Unlimited matches with compatible singles

Premium package rates :

2 meeting sessions: 700€

5 meeting sessions: 1500€

10 meeting sessions: 2500€

VIP forumula

Discover our custom-made offer.
Only on request.


You want to know more?
Please contact me.

Why choose YouandI ?

Bastien Miest the founder of the dating agency YouandI had the idea of revolutionizing the world of dating agencies by creating an innovative concept in Luxembourg. Aware that:

  • Singles dating applications can lead to many disappointments
  • Traditional dating agencies can be intimidating

Bastien decided to offer a qualitative and current alternative to the usual dating services for singles by founding: YouandI.

A real coach trained as a dating agency manager, he collaborates with a sexologist to help single people in Luxembourg and the Greater Region to find love. It also organizes single events and accompanies YouandI members in their search for the perfect mate.