you and i
you and i

Our mission is to highlight singles in the seduction market.

Preparation for the date


A true dating facilitator, I work with you upstream to allow you to fully open yourself to each profile presented.


I carry out a real “sentimental assessment” of the agency’s Premium members. The meetings I propose are therefore between members who share real affinities that I discover during our discussions, and not “matches” influenced by computer algorithms.


This service is included in YouandI Dating’s Premium customer pack.

Image consulting


Whether you are a woman or a man. Whether you would like to heal the perception that others have of you or improve your confidence in you, I offer a complete service of image consulting and personalized makeover.


Sessions :

  • Image assessment: 120 €.
  • Colorimetry: 125 €
  • Facial morphology and hairstyle/beard: 100 €
  • (Self) make-up: 125 €.
  • Study of style: 100 €
  • Morpho-silhouette analysis: 100 €
  • Wardrobe management at home : 200 €
  • Accompanying shopping: 250 € (the 2 hours) + 50 € per ½ h started beyond
  • Delivery of a file: 100 €


  • From 4 sessions of your choice : – 5 %
  • From 7 sessions of your choice : – 10 %

Nutrisport coach


As an independent personal trainer for over 10 years, I offer customized programs with guaranteed results.


My concept is based on a nutritional plan adapted to your daily life as well as a training program tailored to reach the goals you set.

At the end of a free initial meeting – during which I may even inspect your fridge to find out about your eating habits – I will establish with you a dietary rebalancing program and a physical training plan adapted to your morphological characteristics and to your professional activity, and which will not require the purchase of expensive and cumbersome equipment.


My nutrisport coaching programs are accompanied by a nutritional follow-up included in the rates.

Rates: 60 € / hour